Hack Ballet’s project for 2020 is an exploration of the process of shedding toxic attitudes and limiting beliefs, in the age of #metoo and metamorphosizing gender, nationality and other identities. The project developed in response to the current climate of identity politics and the effect this is having on personal relationships, as well as the global outcry from the dance community to the recent Lara Spencer bullying comments about ballet training for boys on the Good Morning America television programme.

DeToxic uses ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation and contact techniques in solo and duet material that explores intimacy and aloneness, joy, reflects on beauty, serenity and harmony, and positive and negative sides of escapism and conflict avoidance.

What is the antidote to the toxicity of gender wars, social media, and incompetent leadership? DeToxic… creating the world we need to live in… and detoxing the harmful values and attitudes that have limited our potential in the past.