Our beautiful triple bill Elicitations is on tour.

Choreographer Briar Adams and dancers Hulya Levent, Ruaridh Bisset, Jenn Vogtle, and Daniel Rodriguez undertake a journey through longing, passion and grief in Elicitations, the company’s triple bill, as part of Brighton Fringe Festival.

To The Edge and Argil have been reimagined for OtherPlace’s The Hat stage, allowing the themes of joyous energy, supportive mixed-gender partnering and feminine power to emerge. The triple bill is completed by Grace, which descends provocatively  into memories of innocence tainted by conflict and grief.

Hack Ballet would like to thank Julia Gleich at Norte Maar and the CounterPointe platform for female choreographers, and Jim Croxford at Theatre Bench for their support in the development of this work. 

Hack Ballet’s performances of the Elicitations triple bill will be at 6.15pm on the 8th, 9th and 10th of May at The Hat in Brighton’s Victoria Gardens.

Tickets available from Otherplace

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