Community Development

Hack Ballet’s work draws on many themes that are important to the personal and interpersonal development of people in business, educational and non profit organisations.

Schools and Colleges have the opportunity to involve their students in workshops and creative projects reflecting the themes in our work and contributing ideas to the evolution of the work. Students will participate in practical dance classes and task based rehearsal activities, plus discussion of the ideas with their peers and the HackBallet team. This will give them the opportunity to share experiences in a creative way that will allow them to channel their knowledge and feelings into a beautiful work of dance art. Students will refine their physical and technical dance skills as well as develop better communication, team work and collaboration skills.

The school or college will benefit from being involved in a project that has a wider significance in the community and arts industry beyond their standard curriculum, building partnerships with creative professionals, theatres, funding bodies and their local and wider communities. PR and marketing opportunities for the school or college will build community awareness about their artistic programme and connect and promote the school within the artistic and business community.

Business, community, educational and academic organisations will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the work, building connection with the HackBallet community around creative ways to make progress on social issues.

These issues include mental health and wellbeing, communication skills, emotional intelligence, supporting people, personal relationships, ontribution and connection,  bullying, and celebrating diversity.

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