Our goals

  • To build a community of individuals and community, business, educational, research, non profit and government organisations around the common purpose of developing the work of Hack Ballet
  • To ensure our work is appropriately funded to achieve the highest artistic standards
  • To ensure our high quality work is engaging on an intellectual and emotional level and that it reaches the widest possible audience
  • To build mutually beneficial relationships between the company and our partners
  • To promote the study and appreciation of high quality contemporary dance
  • To offer dancers and dance audiences ways to participate in the creation of meaningful work that makes a difference to an important social issue
  • To offer organisations with a social mission the opportunity to publicise and disseminate their work and activities through involvement in a high quality artistic work
  • To give profit making organisations the opportunity to connect with the local and international community through high quality dance work with a social mission
  • To encourage individuals to feel empowered and give them avenues to contribute to artistic projects that promote social awareness and positive change
  • To promote discussion and awareness of difficult social issues through our high quality artistic performance and educational experiences
  • To create jobs that connect creative professionals to areas of community need and extend the reach of organisations with a social mission using high quality dance performances and activities