Maybe contemporary ballet is not for you

If you are a person who doesn’t want to have fun and be inspired to feel, move, and create, leave now.


Hack Ballet is an innovative company that seeks to connect with and inspire our community of creative and open minded artists and dance lovers.


Contemporary dance is not for everyone.


If you want to see traditional ballet, contemporary or commercial dance, there are some amazing companies out there for you. We love their work! Our choreography and performances are inspired by the best of traditional dance theatre.


We are not them, and we’re not trying to be! So if you are a traditional, conventional person who doesn’t like surprises or having your expectations challenged, that’s ok. Now is a good time to move on.


If, on the other hand, you love to think deeply about social issues, the body, fashion, and the beauty of living movement, read on.


Hack Ballet started as a concept, created in a derelict pub in North London, by choreographer Briar Adams and her original cast of creative, idiosyncratic movers. Those dancers worked tirelessly to bring to life Briar’s first theatrical work, “Surface Tension”, a clash of ballet, contemporary, contact improvisation and popping.


From our humble beginnings the company has created work for the most unusual of venues, including underground hipster watering holes, historic art deco venues, bars, clubs, and some of London’s most interesting dance theatres.


Join us and be part of the next generation of dance expressionists.