Community Development

Hack Ballet’s work draws on many themes that are important to the personal and interpersonal development of people in business, educational and non profit organisations.

The Hack Ballet team is seeking to develop partnerships with organisations to be involved in the making of our next production Grit and Grace.


Our goals

  • To build a community of individuals and community, business, educational, research, non profit and government organisations around the common purpose of developing the work of Hack Ballet
  • To ensure our work is appropriately funded to achieve the highest artistic standards
  • To ensure our high quality work is engaging on an intellectual and emotional level and that it reaches the widest possible audience
  • To build mutually beneficial relationships between the company and our partners
  • To promote the study and appreciation of high quality contemporary dance
  • To offer dancers and dance audiences ways to participate in the creation of meaningful work that makes a difference to an important social issue
  • To offer organisations with a social mission the opportunity to publicise and disseminate their work and activities through involvement in a high quality artistic work
  • To give profit making organisations the opportunity to connect with the local and international community through high quality dance work with a social mission
  • To encourage individuals to feel empowered and give them avenues to contribute to artistic projects that promote social awareness and positive change
  • To promote discussion and awareness of difficult social issues through our high quality artistic performance and educational experiences
  • To create jobs that connect creative professionals to areas of community need and extend the reach of organisations with a social mission using high quality dance performances and activities



Schools and Colleges have the opportunity to involve their students in workshops and creative projects reflecting the themes in Grit and Grace and contributing ideas to the evolution of the work. Students will participate in practical dance classes and task based rehearsal activities, plus discussion of the ideas with their peers and the Hack Ballet team. This will give them the opportunity to share experiences, especially troubling experiences of conflict or violence, in a creative way that will allow them to channel their knowledge and feelings into a beautiful work of dance art. Students will refine their physical and technical dance skills as well as develop better communication, team work and collaboration skills.

The school or college will benefit from being involved in a project that has a wider significance in the community and arts industry beyond their standard curriculum, building partnerships with creative professionals, theatres, funding bodies and their local and wider communities. PR and marketing opportunities for the school or college will build community awareness about their artistic programme and connect and promote the school within the artistic and business community.

Businesses have the opportunity to connect their for profit activities with a community and artistic project with wider social significance, building relationships with educational, non profit and artistic organisations with a shared mission. In addition to the marketing and PR opportunities available through involvement with the project, businesses may also involve their staff in professional development opportunities around communication skills, emotional intelligence, mental health at work, and wellbeing and work life balance.

Business and academic leaders will also have the opportunity to contribute and publicise their work through involvement in the project, where there area of expertise can offer significant value to the development of the work, connection with the Hack Ballet audience, and building a community around solving the social issues arising from the work. These issues include mental health and wellbeing, family violence, PTSD, communication skills, emotional intelligence, supporting people who have experienced trauma to have successful work and personal relationships, fostering a core theme of contribution and connection, tackling bullying, dealing with anxiety and celebrating diversity. Businesses whose products or services are related to these themes will have the opportunity to connect their for profit activity to a social project with the potential to expand the reach of their message and foster goodwill towards their brand, developing stronger relationships with their audience.

Non profit organisations with a mission connected to the themes of Grit and Grace will have the opportunity to connect their work to new audiences through the touring and educational activities of the project, spreading their message and gaining a greater understanding of the needs of their community and communicating their message and expertise more broadly through the appreciation and engagement with the artistic work.

Non profit or community organisations will also be able to contribute to the development of the work to ensure it reflects accurately the conditions and context of the themes investigated, and offers a positive message about how these issues are tackled successfully, with best practice strategies depicted in an accessible format through the performance of the work.