Open Contemporary Ballet

Hack Ballet Contemporary Ballet technique and performance courses are a great way to maintain your fitness, expand your range and be part of an artistic community with a social mission.

The Hack Ballet team of professional dancers and fitness experts create dance classes and choreography to inspire you and tap into your physical and expressive potential. Our classes encourage you to develop your strengths and dance with confidence, and creativity and dynamic power.

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Contemporary Ballet Spring Term

    • SPACeHoxton 31 Falkirk Street N1 6HF
    • Fridays at 7pm
    • 12th January 2018 – 23rd March 2018

    This course offers you a chance to expand your contemporary ballet technical and creative skills. Classes begin with a flow warmup covering essential contemporary ballet principles of placement, range of movement, alignment and strength. You will learn movement combinations that develop into a creative choreography piece that builds from week to week, culminating in a filming and photoshoot at the end of the term.
    You will explore learning choreography as well as creating your own movements, mastering phrases and patterns in a group and individually. You will receive personalised coaching to help you improve the specific areas you need to feel more confident in deepening your embodiment of your creative expression.

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